Festival de la Tortilla, Corralillo Nicoya

The students and staff of Colegio Tecnico Profesional de Corralillo, Nicoya are ready to perform the eighth edition of ¨Tortilla¨ Festival 2015, with main purpose to highlight this amazing culinary tradition to make with hands the tortillas –tortilla is daily bread – a flat, pancake-like disc made from masa harina Corn –, at the same time shown local customs, traditions and the real identity of “Being Guanacasteco”.

Tortilla Festival 2015 will take a place in the Colegio Tecnico Profesional de Corralillo in Nicoya, it is scheduled to start on Thursday July 22 .  The big competition will be on July 24 with  participation of about 20 women from Nicoya who will test their skills to make tortillas “webbed air” (Palmeadas aire).

Wood-burning “mud furnace”(Hornillas) where the Torillas will be Cook. Pic CTP Corralillo

The final Tortilla Festival 2015 is scheduled for July 24, a day before the commemoration of the 191th anniversary of the Annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica Free State.

The Tortilla Festival was declared of cultural interest (Ministry of Culture) and cantonal interest (Municipality of Nicoya).

Festival de la tortilla. Pic Periodico EL mensaje
Festival de la tortilla. Pic Periodico EL mensaje

Here is the schedule of the Event 


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